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Our business is oriented with win-win scheme and we believe that the most important thing is the product and in this case a strong and genuine offering. This is the key to sustainability and building a solid reputation.


We profit only when our customers do the same. We’ve decided to broaden our profit scheme and introduce a third party – affiliates.


We provide a unique opportunity for our clients or affiliates. If our clients/affiliates are satisfied with our services and recommend us to their friends, they will receive from us a monthly 5% commission, after their referred client’s profits. Affiliates have to work for it only once, and as long as we are managing profits on our clients’ accounts, affiliates will get a monthly 5% of this profit.




A client trading account starts at the beginning of a month with $80k. The achieved profit in the end of a month is 10%, so the balance is now: $88k, the profit is $8k, the 30% Asset Management Holdings performance fee will be deducted from the profit, which is $2400. The net client profit is $5600. Affiliates commission will be 5% of the $2400 which equals to $120 that month.


This is just an example and the real Affiliate profit potential will depend on a multiple variable factors like size of a client’s managed portfolio, number of clients refereed and Asset Management Holdings trading performance.

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