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Should Investors Take Advantage of Forex Managed Accounts ?

Forex Managed Accounts

Should Investors Take Advantage of Forex Managed Accounts?

The Forex market often provides an amazing amount of opportunity for any investor looking to make money. But if you aren’t experienced with how it works then it can be difficult to even get started.


That’s what Forex managed accounts are for – to make trades on your behalf so that you don’t need to worry about a thing. And due to the fact that Forex trading often requires a lot of time and energy, it would make a lot of sense to leave it in the hands of professionals who are willing to dedicate what is needed to yield a positive turnover on your investment.


What is a Forex Managed Account?


A Forex managed account is basically an investing account that will be utilized by a broker on your behalf. He or she will make Forex trades on your behalf, and will keep you updated throughout the way.


This kind of account is one that is well suited for investors who would like to spend less time monitoring their trades and more time seeking other investment opportunities. Forex managed accounts can range in cost depending on which company that you use, so be sure to research the various ones available to learn more about their pricing.


Benefits of Forex Managed Accounts


If you’re a new trader then it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by Forex trading. After all, the Forex market never sleeps, so you’ll need to constantly monitor your trades as well. A huge benefit to managed accounts is that you’ll be making money based on the assistance from professional traders and investors. Some of the other benefits that you might experience include:


  • A professional will help you when managing your account as well as your funds. This ensures a higher degree of safety for each of your Forex investments.


  • When experts handle your account, you will experience a maximum amount of return on your investment.


  • You can diversify your portfolio with investments that are likely to be profitable over the long run, thus allowing you to take a little more risks on other types of investments in your portfolio.


  • Although Forex managed accounts involve some risk (like all investments), they also provide the highest amount of return!


  • You can trade advantage of trading opportunities when the Forex market is either falling or raising.


  • You will be able to enjoy real-time reporting on your investments. This basically means that the trader will keep you updated via SMS and email about how your trades are performing.


Another huge benefit to this type of trading is that high liquidity that it offers. At any point during the trade, you can selection to remove your funds and cash them in. You won’t have to worry about missing sleep or other opponents since the firm will handle every aspect of monitoring the Forex market for you. With so many positive benefits associated with these accounts, the answer is “Yes”, investors should take advantage of them.
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What Are the Best Asset Management Companies?

Best Asset Management companies

What Are the Best Asset Management Companies?


Finding the right balance in your assets portfolio to accomplish short and long-term goals can be complex. When deciding how much risk to undertake and how to protect your assets, you’ll need a clear view of your current needs and goals for the future? What are the best asset management companies in the industry today? This is an important question to ask if you plan on getting the highest return on your investments or assets. In the following sections, we’ll talk more about some of the better ones in the industry as well as talk about what they do and their benefits.


Company #1: Wells Fargo Private Bank


Offer private banking, trust services, estate services, and investment management services. They manage about $393,000,000 per year for their clients. Wells Fargo & Company and its affiliates do not provide legal advice. The overall RiskOptics® score is calculated based upon analyst created risk scores for certain Investment Strategies and proxy scores for others.  Investment Strategies that are not scored by an analyst will be mapped to a proxy based on the asset class or subclass of the Investment Strategy. Somehow comprehensive you would need to consult your legal advisors to determine how it may apply to your own situation. Be sure to contact them to learn more about their minimum portfolio amount for private clients.


Company #2: RBC Wealth Management


Being a valued client of RBC Wealth Management gives you access to a worldwide network of specialists offering local and global expertise. Offer a full range of securities services as well as asset management services. They manage about $186,000,000 per year for their clients.  Their home base is location in Minneapolis, MN and they are considered both an institutional and private wealth management company. They provide products and services by RBC Global Asset Management (including BlueBay Asset Management) directly and through RBC and third-party distributors to institutional and individual clients.


Company #3: U.S. Bank Wealth Management


Offer investment management, private banking, and personal trust management. They manage about $110,000,000 per year for their clients cumulatively, and are a very reliable asset management company to do business with.


Company #4: Galliard Capital Management, Inc.


They currently manage investment portfolios for over 230 institutional clients including corporate retirement/benefit plans, operating funds, insurance reserves, foundations and endowments, healthcare funds, Offer fixed-income investment management as well as stable-value investment management. They manage about $850,000,000 per year cumulatively between all of their clients. Galliard Capital Management requires a minimum about of $25,000,000 in order to use their asset management services.


Company #5: RBC Global Asset Management


They offer equity and fixed-income portfolio management services, and manage about $43,000,000 per year between all of their clients. RBC GAM group of companies manage CAD $371 billion (US $292B, £194B or €258B) in assets worldwide (as at January 31, 2015). They offer both institutional and private asset management services that are reliable and professional. With offices in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia, RBC GAM provides a comprehensive range of investment solutions and services to both individual and institutional investors.


Company #6: The Clifton Group


The Clifton Group manages about $34,000,000 between all of their clients and offer traditional overlay management services as well as risk management solutions. They are located in Edina, MN, and are a recommended asset management company for any investor.


Company #7: Winslow Capital Management, LLC


Winslow Capital Management manages about $34,000,000 cumulatively between all of their clients. They offer institutional portfolio management services, cap growth domestic equity options, and much more.


What to Look For in a Quality Asset Management Company


So, how can you sort through the various asset management companies that are available? Well, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that they offer the type of asset management service that you need. For instance, some of the more common ones include risk management solutions, private asset management services, overlay management services. Each one offers different advantages and drawbacks which you should be aware of before moving forward.


The second thing that you need to watch out for is the amount of money that you’ll be required to do business with them. Some companies have a minimum asset amount of $25,000,000 while others have minimum amounts that are far lower. Typically you’ll find that higher deposits are usually equated to a more solid company, but this isn’t always the case which is why you should always do due diligence before making your final decision.
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